Theresa Cantley's 

The Business Growth Formula

Is a 7 Step Framework for Driven Leaders to create a Signature Experience for your business so you can build a foundation for rapid and sustainable growth that increases your revenue, your impact and sets you apart from the competition.

It’s Time to Own Your Future, Instead of Just Owning A Business 


You’ve been doing this entrepreneur thing for a while and you’ve gotten your business to a level of success that has made you comfortable.  

You’ve worked hard and spent tons of hours building this business sacrificing many happy moments and you thought you could just sit back and watch the money roll in.  

But things are different now and what worked before to build your business is falling flat.  

Focusing on solely promoting the food or merchandise you sell, the Chef in your restaurant, the next sale you are offering, or what you did when you started your business won’t help you scale to the next level. This is because those things don't apply in the same way to Next Generation of Business, the Experience Economy.

And if you keep using the old tactics, strategies and business thinking you will keep pushing customers, money and your freedom away.

I bet this sounds familiar...

  • Your product always brought people in but you haven't had time to change it up so, since it worked before you just want to add more of the same, but the same is stale.

  • You always thought that because you're a local business that everyone in the area knows where you are but you've felt invisible to the area for some time. 

  • The only thing you look at these days are your labor costs and product costs and think "where can I cut back?"

  • You're spending so much time dealing with employee issues and drama between sales force that you're not able to work on the things you know will grow the business

  • You saw success early but now you've hit a ceiling and can't quite seem to break through it to the next income level let alone get past last years sales

  • You hired a marketing company to drive more traffic in your business and promised you that they could "get you to the top of the list in Google so more people come through your door"...but nothing changed and you spent a TON on a new "fancy" website that no one can navigate

  • You struggle to hire good people so you've just decided that you need to do everything yourself because you can't afford good help and you're the only person that does things right...but you're burning out  

What got you here isn’t going to take you, your team and your business to the next level.

It’s time to unlearn what you know about business and relearn a new way.

Maybe you’ve got some ideas on what you should do next, but you’ve been avoiding taking action because you’re not quite sure what action to take or what to do first. You’ve been working on many “little” things instead of totally crushing a few BIG projects that will get you traction.  

You know that it’s time to stop stalling and start focusing on building the momentum you need to create the results you want.  

And believe me...I was once you and I wish there was a “me” to help me let go of my learned business thinking, make my path clearer, my message resonate and my plan smarter. When I first started my business I tried to apply traditional corporate thinking to an entrepreneurial business and it fell flat. Why? Because traditional business thinking and tactics don’t apply to the next generation economy. Learning and applying entrepreneurial thinking and strategies does work and if I had a “me” to help me in the beginning it would have saved me years of frustration and learning many hard lessons. 

This is why I created The Business Growth Formula for You!  

Let’s Get Down to Business.  

Chasing trends, focusing on solely promoting your business and the products in your store or the food on your menu will only get you so far and will eventually have you swimming in a sea of sameness (and who wants that??!!).

  • If you’re ready to take the fast track and work with me to build a unique experience like no other that makes you "the place to go".
  • If you're ready to carve your own path and set the new standard for redefining expectations.
  • If you're ready to create moments that surprise, flavor that delight long past the last plate cleared
  • If you're ready to merge tradition with a new generation economy that sets you apart from everyone else
  • If you're ready to streamline your systems and resources to fit your growing restaurant and business needs
  • And it you're ready to FINALLY have a marketing and business plan that delivers RESULTS and makes you an ICON

Let's Get Started!

I use a mixture of “Science meets Zen" to infuse my strategic genius into a proven process that will move the needle on your business without adding more time and stress to your day (in fact it will increase your productivity up to 30% saving you up to 10 hours per week and 40 hours per month).

The Business Growth Formula is a “workshop style” 90 day experience created for driven leaders and restaurant owners who are ready to dig in, do the hard work and get focused on exactly what steps to take to get them moving towards the results they want. Driven Leaders understand that the world is constantly changing and they need to have innovative ideas that the new world needs.  

...And you’re ready to be a Driven Leader and an Icon.  

This program is designed in a 7 step framework to help you build your own Signature Experience in your restaurant and business that sets you apart from everyone else, grows your income and impact while transforming your brand into an Icon. Here's how we do it:  

Module 1 - Assessing Your Business Module 2 - The Theory Behind Building a Signature Experience Module 3 - The Experience for You Module 4 - The Experience for Your Leadership Team Module 5 - The Experience for Your Employees Module 6 - The Experience for Your Community Module 7 - The Experience for Your Customers 

BONUS Training - Scaling your Signature Experience  

This program will take you from feeling frustrated and overwhelmed to feeling confident and focused to increase your revenue, your productivity and your impact. We do this by focusing on building out a your own unique signature experience that can be infused into your entire organization that will inspire your team, your customers and you.  

And this program is built on the same framework I have taught all of my private coaching clients who have seen a 30% increase in the revenue and profitability in their business year after year.  

Wouldn't it be great to get those results in your business?  

So tell me, how would it feel to....

  • Pursue the things on your bucket list that you haven’t been able to do or even just take a long, well deserved vacation without worrying about what's happening back at the restaurant or your store.  
  • Deepen the relationships with the people that matter most to you which you've sacrificed for many years while you were building your business and your dream.
  • Redefine your role as the Driven Leader so you can empower your team to make good decisions, connect with your community and build meaningful relationships with your customers (instead of worrying about what's happening in the kitchen or doing daily inventory counts) to inspire them to visit again and again raving about you to their friends. 
  • Really hone in what makes your business unique, create a signature experience that weaves your business into the fabric of the community to bring people together and makes the competition irrelevant. 
  • Have a safe space to talk about your biggest obstacles and get guidance on the best way to remove them so you can start to grow.
  • Build a blueprint for rapid, sustabinable growth that streamlines and scales the processes and resources in your business to match your needs so you can turn your vision into a reality.
  • Get high level, expert coaching on resetting your vision so you can build a new strategic plan with a foundation to achieve rapid and sustainable growth and success (plus tell you how to actually start executing it).
  • Have a sounding board and confidant to help you figure out the vital few tasks you need to focus on to grow your business.
  • Have someone by your side doing the hard work with you.
Theresa Cantley Business Strategist

So who is Theresa anyway?

If we haven’t met yet, I’m Theresa and I help driven leaders and restaurant owners build a signature experience that allows them to scale their business and build their impact so they can own their future instead of just owning a business.

I'm a blend of "science meets Zen" and I’ve got over 20 years working for and with entrepreneurs and small business owners plus a PhD in Results and Experience. After realizing my life had a bigger purpose I finally made the leap into the entrepreneurial journey and left my corporate job as a Director of Marketing for a laboratory research equipment industry. Over my career I've helped many restauranteurs, entrepreneurs, leaders and business owners get clear on the vision they have for their business and build a customized signature experience that helps them grow their revenue, be more profitable and achieve more freedom in their life. 

Bottom line I take building your business as serious as I take building my own. Teaching business owners to think entrepreneurial so you can embrace and lead the world to make a positive impact in the lives of others is my passion.  

And I’m all about making a positive difference by connecting and interacting with each other in a more positive, meaningful way. 


"Before working with Theresa, I felt like I was all over the place and didn’t have any real direction or focus. Doing a lot of random things and not seeing a lot of forward progress. I was busy but not productive... Going through Reboot allowed me to get clarity around exactly what I was serving and why I was serving. I gained confidence of knowing what to work on now and how to progress forward with a sense of direction."

- Karyn Buggs, CEO Karyn Buggs  

"Theresa always helps me to figure out my next step. She has been able to see a bigger picture for my business than I was able to see. She is very easy to work with, very positive and encouraging… even when I get frustrated. She teaches me how to do things to empower me, the learner."

- Deb Knight, owner of the Copper Partridge  

"As a growing business, we were always struggling to develop systems that could help us achieve all we wanted to. This ranged from simple things like daily procedures to big events like a wedding showcase. Theresa has helped me to focus on my role in the business as an innovator. She has helped us develop a brand and grow as a business, but she has also done so much more. I wish I could put it into words that everyone could understand, but she simply is my life coach, friend, counselor, motivation, mentor and overall guru. She helps me find my peace.... and because of that, helps me run a successful and thriving business."

- Jill Oman, Executive Chef and General Manager, McCarthy's Red Stag Pub and Whiskey Bar  

So What’s Included?

Business Growth Formula Coaching School (6 Month program)

  • 7 video learning modules with several short videos in each
  • Downloadable worksheets with detailed action items
  • 6 LIVE (2 per month) expert group coaching and implementation sessions with Theresa and the group where we really DIG IN and you can ask questions
  • Access to proprietary tools that will help you get focused, stay on track and get results
  • Private Facebook Group to connect, collaborate and trouble shoot with other business owners
  • A 90X Goal Planner with my customized strategy to create a daily and weekly plan to get things done
  • BONUS – Set up your 90 day SEO strategy

 ...and the cost if you don't invest in this program...

  • Becoming invisible to the community, a commodity in the industry and just another business
  • Continue to self-sabotage new ideas and initiatives because you don't want to do the work to make it happen because you're already burned out
  • Continue to be stressed, overwhelmed and overworked watching your profits and your customers fly out the door
  • Continue to watch your important relationships diminish and fade away
  • Regretting the things you were never able to do with your life because you thought you always needed to be at your business; watching every task, every project, every employee

And for those of you who want more and who REALLY want to dig in and get faster results...

Business Growth Formula Master Plan (9 month 1:1 program)

  • 7 video learning modules with several short videos in each
  • Downloadable worksheets with detailed action items
  • 6 LIVE (2 per month) expert group coaching and implementation sessions with Theresa and the group where we really DIG IN and you can ask questions
  • Access to proprietary tools that will help you get focused, stay on track and get results
  • Private Facebook Group to connect, collaborate and trouble shoot with other business owners
  • A 90X Goal Planner with my customized strategy to create a daily and weekly plan to get things done
  • BONUS – Set up your 90 day SEO strategy
  • 2 customized 90 minute 1:1 coaching sessions with Theresa via Zoom per month
  • 1 customized 60 minute strategy training and implementation with Theresa per month
  • A customized strategy for your Signature Experience and proprietary process to transform your brand into an icon. This strategy will include the 5 core experiences you need to create in your business
  • A customized, executable Marketing Plan that builds rapid, sustainable growth in your business
  • Leadership coaching for you and your team that aligns everyone to the vision with monthly action plans and goal setting for each team member
  • Scheduled access to Theresa via text, email or phone to trouble shoot situations that come up

What you’ll also get:

  • You’ll have fresh new insights, perspectives and a clear path forward
  • You’ll have a 90 day plan that can be executed immediately
  • You’ll have renewed energy and be laser focused
  • You’ll get peace of mind and renewed motivation to get things done

Most important, you’ll have a clear vision for the future instead of functioning and planning from your current state and circumstances. What this will do for you...

  • Align, empower and inspire your team
  • Inspire your customers and community to want to visit and buy from you time and time again
  • Breakthrough the anxiety, fear and doubt you might have surrounding the results you’ve had in your business
  • Become an icon in your industry that sets new trends and gives something for people to talk about

You might be asking “Can you guarantee I will see results?” 

Listen, I’ve helped many small business owners and entrepreneurs just like you achieve amazing results in their businesses. The businesses that have been through this program have experienced up to 10% growth within the first 6 weeks and up to 30% growth within a year of implementing. And I am incorporating the exact same exercises and principles into this highly intensive program.  

But the truth is, not I (nor anyone else) can do the work for you. I commit to showing up fully and providing you with the tools, resources and support you need to achieve the results, but I can’t guarantee that you will do the work.  

If at the end of the 6 weeks, you are not satisfied with what you’ve learned or implemented within the program, simply show me that you’ve completed all of the work within the 6 weeks and you’ll receive a full refund of your investment. So see, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

**This is not for people who have not started a business yet or are only a few years into their business. If that’s you, no problem let’s book a Discovery Call and see if we can get you started in the right direction to get your business set up.  

If you’re ready to stop working on random items and start focusing on what you really need to do to grow your business and make 2019, 2020 and beyond breakthrough years.  

If you’re tired of worrying about the financial situation of your business and throwing away your hard earned money on random efforts, strategies and tactics that don’t get you returns.  

If you’re ready to let go of overwhelm and fear so that you can start taking focused action resulting in remarkable transformation in your business.  

If you’re ready to make the competition irrelevant and be iconic in your industry  

If you’re ready to start making a bigger impact in this world  

If you’re ready to do the “hard work” to grow your business. 

If you're ready to own your future instead of just owning a business.  

 This is for you!