The C-Suite Mentor

Custom 1:1 Mentorship for CEO's and COO's of Small Businesses that are ready to increase profits, build a strong team and get more freedom in their life.


Your Business Should Serve Your Life
Not the Other Way Around

Your business has hit a plateau despite your best efforts.
Your personal life is taking the biggest hit, making you feel overwhelmed and defeated.

Imagine being able to turn things around in just one year.

You started your business with a dream and some goals

I'm here to make sure you achieve it

Putting out fires all day long wasn't what you had in mind when you decided to build a business you love.

Get the guidance you need in a 1:1 custom mentorship that will not only support you in the growth and scaling of your business but also as a leader and CEO

Scale your revenue and create consistent results without adding more stuff to your plate.

Regain control so you can focus on high-level strategy and your vision while maintaining life harmony.

Build a high impact, growth focused team that isn't dependent on you.

Theresa Cantley Business Coach

As a fellow CEO with over 25 years of business experience, I understand the overwhelming process of growing and scaling a business.

  • I've guided 6 and 7 figure businesses to scale their revenue by 30% in a year 
  • I've helped CEOs increase their profitability, accelerate their revenue, and get more personal time in their lives (over 10 hours a week to be exact!)
  • I've mentored COOs to create operational efficiencies by aligning the right processes, people, and priorities 

Sometimes you just feel like you're floundering out there and you're looking for a lifeline and that is exactly what working with Theresa was like; she was our lifeline.

— Kenny Fisher, Co-Founder of Fatt-E Bike 


The C-Suite Mentor

A custom 12-month 1:1 consulting and mentorship program that will help you overhaul your operations, increase your revenue, and get more freedom back in your life.

This program is built on a proven framework that gives you the missing link between profitability, people and your vision.

We do this by implementing the systems and strategies required to build operational excellence upon which you can scale exponentially, build a highly profitable business and co-create your vision with a high-impact team that gives you freedom and peace of mind

When we work together, we will clarify your vision, define a

winning strategy, streamline your operations, get your whole team

on the same page and attract the right customers.

The impact to your business is your profits go up, your revenue accelerates and you get more freedom back in your life.  

Give me 12 months, and you will walk away with:

  • COO (aka second in command) who can think and take action to run the business like clockwork without you being there
  • Clear picture of where you want to take your business with growth-oriented goals, and an actionable plan to make it happen
  • Developed and implemented standard operations processes that align your team, your workflow, and your technology to streamline your business
  • Full understanding of all KPIs and metrics for the business so you can partner with your internal and external team to create results
  • Aligned, self-led, growth-focused, high-impact team that can build a people-centric culture throughout your organization
  • Knowledge of how to ideate, build, and execute projects within your business that keep you above the rest of your industry
  • Strong and healthy financial foundation to scale your profitability and make sound business decisions
  • Full marketing and visibility plan that is executed within your team to allow exponential growth while also building a stronger customer experience
  • Deep relationship with your customers by blending digital technology with the beauty of a live experience
  • Regain 40 to 50 hours back in your month so you can build your next idea (or take that long-overdue vacation!)

We're In This Together Every Step of The Way

Step 1: The Foundation
Build a strong foundation in the 5 arms of your business to support growth and scaling

Step 2: Build The Blueprint
Take your blueprint and start to build out the right systems and processes to streamline operations

Step 3: Freedom to Scale
Attract and build the right team, create the right culture and generate profitable and sustainable results

The work we did with Theresa was instrumental in bringing our vision and values together in how we operate our business.

— Jake Adams, CEO and Founder of Simplifi EDU

I'm excited to bring 25 years of experience to your table and go above and beyond starting with an introduction call where we can dig into the struggles you're having.

Because you COULD continue trying to hack your way into operational success, hoping that something will eventually work.


You could confidently march into what does.

Theresa Cantley 2023

How I work with small businesses:

You don't need to own a large business to be a CEO and you don't need to be a certain size to have a COO. In fact, stepping into these roles physically and mentally will bring you faster success. This is where you'll learn my 5 Pillars of 360 Degree Business Growth.

How I work with a CEO:

Building a business and being a CEO takes work, mental gymnastics, and courage. I work with you to understand and step into your role as CEO, confidently building your vision from the inside out so you can drive towards the vision at a faster rate.

How I Work with the COO:

The key to scaling a business is the alignment between the CEO and the COO. The COO is the "co-creator" and needs to be able to strategize and take action while aligning everyone to the CEO's vision. As the COO you'll learn to align the 5 Lifelines of the Business and put the right people, processes and execution in place. And don't worry, I take my promise of not adding more “stuff” to your plate very seriously.

How We Build Higher Profits:

One of the main goals is to help both the CEO and the COO to understand how to run more effective, profitable and scale faster. A deep dive into your finances and an archaeological dig into your business will help us identify where you're leaking profits, what generates the most profit and what keeps your business stable.

How We Align The Right People:

We build from the inside out starting with the people. Building a people centric culture that thrives on diverse thinking and experiences is a priority. We'll focus on creating the right team structure of high impact, growth focused individuals who along with the COO will help you run things smoothly. 

How You Achieve Peace of Mind:

How would it feel to not be in the weeds of the business, to have it run smoothly so you can step away and take a vacation.

How would it feel to have peace of mind that your business is profitable, your team is taken care of and you are achieving everything you've always wanted to achieve.

I found Theresa when I couldn't get the momentum to get my business going, and she gave me all the tools and tips to build out my vision.

— Katy Hommes, Founder of RYN